What You Need To Know Before Trying CrossFit

Crossfit Lingo

Crossfit might as well have it’s own dictionary. Like learning a new language, it’s easiest to learn when you’re immersed in the environment, but we’ll give you a head start with this cheat sheet:

Box: Crossfit gyms are called “boxes”

WOD: Stands for Workout of the Day. This changes daily and is typically posted on a white board before class or on the Box’s website.

AMRAP: As many rounds as possible. This is a workout style that means you’ll complete as many rounds as possible of a series of exercises in an allotted time that is given by the coach.

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Various names of people you don’t know: There are several benchmark WOD’s in Crossfit that are named after women (Helen, Fran, and Mary, for example). The creator of Crossfit did this because he said they “wreak havoc.” There are also another set of WOD’s called Hero WOD’s that are named after fallen soldiers (like Murph and McCluskey).

Source : https://abcnews.go.com/Health/things-crossfit/story?id=31539011

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