Weight Loss Challenge Week 1: Will A Pro Help Me Lose Weight Finally?

Nanuet, N.Y. (March 18, 2019) – Antony Ephrem's weight loss journey has been one of tragedies and triumphs. "I've been fighting for a chance at a better me for a very long time. At my heaviest, I was 232 pounds. I was always tired and never felt fulfilled. I wanted to be the kind of dad that could run around with his kids for hours" said Antony Ephrem. He was tired of trying diets that did not work and gyms that did not motivate him.

"It wasn't till I found Peak Physique that I tapped into my full potential. Peak Physique was the perfect recipe for my success and I couldn't be happier. The journey here has been tough. I've had to deal with setbacks, such as injuries and personal issues, but I have always been able to bounce back" said Antony Ephrem.

Antony Ephrem talks about his weight loss journey.

1) Why did you choose Peak Physique Personal Training, Boot camp and Boxing?

I was on my last leg and really needed a breakthrough. I was fed up with my body and unhealthy eating habits. I wanted to set an example for my kids and was willing to try anything to achieve my goal. One day as I was driving, I noticed the sign for Peak Physique Personal Training, Boot Camp and Boxing. I became curious and decided to step inside, I was greeted by the owner, Steve Eckart. As he explained the program and I took a look around the gym, something inside me told me that walking in there was no chance encounter; I felt that I was exactly where I needed to be to turn my life around. I was intimidated by the boot camp routines and unsure if I was physically capable of the workouts. I walked out and when I got home, I excitedly told my wife. She showed me pictures of her friend's weight loss results from joining Peak Physique, and I knew then that I couldn't wait any longer. I joined their Valentine's Day promotional challenge and began the journey to the best me that I always knew I could be.

2) How many Pounds did you lose so far? How long did it take?

I've been at Peak for a year and a half... Thanks to the incredible trainers and the specialized programs at Peak, I'm proud to say that I've lost 53 pounds!

3) How did Peak Physique help you meet your weight Loss goals.

Proper diet and nutrition have always been a challenge for me. As I met with Eva and Steve, they were able to provide valuable information that I needed. I was given different options of what I can eat and what I ought to avoid. Prior to each challenge, they hosted a seminar; one major part of this learning process was the grocery store walk-through. This really helped set the foundation for my new lifestyle. The trainers (Coach Alex, Coach Jasmine, Coach Dolandre, Coach Joe, and Coach P) also advised me on proper nutrition and gave me examples of what they ate to keep in great shape. I understood that everyone is different and not everything is going to work for every body, but with all their help, I was able to figure out what would work for me. This is a learning process and my plan is to succeed. I value everyone's advice and try my best to apply it accordingly.

I was injured several times outside of the gym, but it never kept me from working out and being active. The trainers were always considerate and provided me with modified examples of the routines so that I would not cause any further injury. I still do many of the exercises modified, but I do not modify my intensity or my willingness to perform in any way that will keep me from achieving my goal. This is a process and it does not happen overnight. I am doing whatever it takes, putting full investment in myself and having fun in the process.

4) How often did you work out at Peak Physique?

I try to workout at least three to four times a week. It's been difficult maneuvering around my work schedule, and time has certainly been an obstacle. I would go everyday if I could. I love it. Peak Physique has had a positive impact on my life in several ways. From the stress relief of sweating out your frustrations, to the encouragement from the trainers, it's been just as much of a spiritual awakening as it is physical. The workouts are tough, but you push yourself and at the end you feel great. This incredible feeling of accomplishment washes over me after every workout and I feel one step closer to obtaining my goal.

5 ) What is your Favorite form of exercise to do and why?

I enjoy the circuit training. It's a series of different exercises that concentrate on different parts of the body. I always feel challenged, but the trainers keep everyone motivated.

6) Have you had to deal with Injuries along the way?

I've experienced injuries that happened outside of the gym. It's heart breaking when you put in so much hard work and effort then suffer a setback. It feels like being punched in the stomach. I've dealt with it by just taking the necessary time off and as soon as I'm able to go back I modify the workouts with advisement from the trainers to keep me from worsening the injury. I gradually go hard when I can, but take precaution when I need to and go at my own pace.

7) What did you change in your diet?

Proper nutrition has been the key in my weight loss journey. I eat far more vegetables and fish now than I ever did and I avoid eating fried or greasy foods. I also try to find healthier alternatives. For example instead of white rice, I would choose to eat brown rice. I've also cut down my carb intake and substituted it with more vegetables.

8) How did you manage to integrate this healthy life style into your life?

One day as my wife and I attended our son's soccer practice, he ran up to his coach and exclaimed "my dad has a big tummy like you!" I knew it was time to make a change. I had several health issues related to my poor diet and after joining Peak, my nutrition became my priority. I was given all the tools that I needed to fix what I had done to my body for years, and now it was time to put everything I learned to use. It started with changing my mindset. I stopped thinking of my new eating habits as a diet and instead viewed it as a lifestyle change. Choosing to eat better helped me feel better physically, not only because I was losing weight and everyone noticed, but also because I felt my body thanking me for providing it with the proper fuel. When you have that momentum and motivation, it feels great. I began by setting small goals and when I had achieved those, I set new ones. I'm always trying to improve myself to let the best version of me shine. I've always viewed life as a series of learning experiences that help propel you forward.

9) What is the Biggest Struggle: Food, Exercise or Temptation?

I believe my greatest struggle has been temptation. I come from a culture where food is a huge aspect of togetherness and with family functions; it's difficult to pick and choose what's appropriate for your diet. I try my best to avoid what I can but I must admit, I do allow myself a few slip ups during the holidays!

10) What motivates you to continue with this life style?

I love the way that I feel after every workout and sometimes I have my kids come with me to the gym. They watch me, cheer me on, give me high fives and generally provide the fuel that I need to keep going. I'm not nearly as tired anymore and have the energy to play with my kids. Peak has been a great source of stress relief and really helped me keep my head on straight. When I was growing up I was teased for my weight by family, friends and even strangers, and although I wasn't angered, I believe it's impacted me. Now, I have family, friends and strangers who can't stop complementing me, and I'm certainly not complaining! I feel great about myself and am constantly pushing to strive for excellence.

11) What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future include continuing to push myself and motivate others to do the same. The confidence that I've acquired through losing weight has been life changing and I aim to reach for the skies in every aspect of my life. It's an intense domino effect, when you've begun to change your body, your mind and soul change with it and the superman living inside you is finally given the opportunity to emerge. I hope that my experience could one day help someone else find the super hero inside of them.

12) What is your best piece of advice for those just starting their weight loss journey?

This Journey is going to have a lot of speed bumps and obstacles. Please be patient, it's not going to happen overnight but I assure you that the 110% you will put in will pay off. It's not going to be an easy road to travel, but what road in life is. We go through different experiences and obtain knowledge along the way. It's up to us on how we use the knowledge to help us grow and achieve our goals. At Peak Physique, you will have great trainers to help you get in shape and help you with your nutrition. You need to have faith in yourself. You can accomplish more than you think you can. This healthy life style has helped me a lot. I have more energy for my kids. Now that I'm eating healthier, I feel different like I'm more alive. It took me a long time to achieve what I have so far. I have new goals I've set to achieve. Once you reach your goal, it doesn't end there. You will always strive to see what else you can do to improve. This is where I am. I'm always talking to the trainers at Peak and doing my own research to see what more I can do to live a healthy way of life. Keep in mind, everyone is different and your results will come as long as you stay motivated and focused.

"I would like to thank Antony Ephrem for sharing his weight loss journey. I am currently on my weight loss journey, and have lost 19 lbs in 9 weeks at Peak Physique. I am so excited to finally meet my weight loss goals with the help of Steve and Eva Eckert, and the awesome coaches here. Antony Ephrem is a true success story and should be applauded for his transformation. He did it the old fashion way with hard work and good nutrition. I am inspired by these stories, and look forward to writing more about people's weight loss successes at Peak Physique" Jacqueline Cassagnol, MSN, RN, PhD(c), Founder & President of Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc.


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