This Mom Is Suing Her Daughter's School Over The Dress Code, And Who Can Blame Her?

Aside from the fact that it's 2018 and little girls should definitely be allowed to wear pants, Erika pointed out that sometimes wearing dresses or skirts is downright inconvenient.

"It's impractical to wear a skirt," Erika said. "They can't run, they can't play, they can't flip upside down. The clothing is simply not as durable. They're told that they can wear leggings, and any woman who has ever worn leggings can tell you leggings are not pants. When it's 14 degrees in the morning in January . . . they're not pants. They're not."

It's also become an issue in the classroom. While the male students are allowed to sit cross-legged, girls are required to "sit like a princess" during discussions.

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Today, there are a few exceptions to the no-pants rule. Female students are allowed to wear shorts once a week - on the day they have gym class - as well as for spirit days and field trips. "For PE, which is one day a week, even they (the school) admit that a skirt is impractical," Erika said. "So basically they're not allowed to be athletic."

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This Mom Is Suing Her Daughter's School Over the Dress Code, and Who Can Blame Her?
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