The Biggest Loser Season 8 Premiere: Second Chances

[Subsequent Episodes: Biggest Loser Season 8 Episode 2]

Last night we met 16 new Biggest Loser contestants. As with previous seasons, the contestants were determined to begin their journey to a completely new body and lifestyle.

The Biggest Loser contestants ready for the tough road ahead were

Sean, a youth pastor and daddy-to-be from Tulsa, OK;

Abby, a high school teacher from Mabank, TX;

Alexandra, a college student from Harrisburg, PA;

Allen, a firefighter from Columbus, IN;

Amanda, a patient care technician from Butler, NJ;

Antoine, a health insurance agent from Dudley, NC;

Danny, a land surveyor and musician from Broken Arrow, OK;

Dina, a custodian from Commerce, CA;

Julio, a mortgage loan officer from Algonquin, IL;

Liz, a salesperson and proud grandmother from Chapel Hill, TN;

Mo, a youth mentor from Louisville, KY;

Rebecca, a student and nanny from Des Moines, IA;

Ruby, an engineer from Brooklyn, CT;

Shay, a social worker from Newport Beach, CA; and

Tracey, a homemaker from Allen, TX.

Race for immunity

After a motivational speech from host Alison Sweeney, the Biggest Loser contestants went right to their first challenge, which was a one-mile race for immunity and the chance to choose their partner, who would also have immunity.

“On your mark,” Alison began. “Wait,” I have one more surprise for you,” she continued.

The Biggest Loser contestants noticed a black limo driving up and wondered if Bob and Jillian were inside, but it was Daniel, the biggest teenager from last season, who stepped out of the limo. As the contestants cheered, Alison announced that Daniel would be the 16th contestant, returning to the Biggest Loser ranch for a second chance.

Soon after Alison introduced Daniel, the race began. Naturally, it was hard on all the contestants, but they gave it their all, proving they would do whatever it takes to lose the weight that keeps them from enjoying some of the things life has to offer.

Daniel made a strong comeback when he crossed the finish line first with a time of 14 minutes and 17 seconds, and his fellow competitors weren’t far behind. Well, most of his fellow competitors… Unfortunately, Mo had some medical issues that sent him to the hospital, and Tracey was only a few yards from the finish line when she fell to her knees from exhaustion. Although Tracey was exhausted, she wanted to cross the finish line even if she had to crawl, and with the help of her fellow competitors, she finished the race, but soon after, Tracey collapsed again and became unresponsive. The Biggest Loser contestants watched in fear as a helicopter arrived to transport Tracey to the hospital.

Teaming up

Later, at the Biggest Loser ranch, Alison told the contestants she’d received word that Tracey and Mo were doing well. Once Alison shared the good news about Tracey and Mo’s condition, emotions ran wild as each of the contestants shared their stories of struggle and confessed that they turned to food to comfort them during the hard times. However, the most devastating story came from Abby. She told the group about the tragic car accident (three years ago) that killed her husband, 5-year-old daughter and 2-week-old son, but despite her heartbreaking story, she felt there was a special reason for her being chosen to participate on “The Biggest Loser,” and she was ready to work for a happy ending.

Next, Alison had everyone pick his or her partners. Since Daniel won the challenge, he picked first, and he chose Shay for his partner.

After The Biggest Loser contestants chose their partners, it was time to find out how much they weighed. Each took their turn on the scales, and not only was Shay the heaviest contestant among this group, but at 476 pounds she was also the largest contestant to step foot on The Biggest Loser ranch.

Hitting the gym

Bob and Jillian led the contestants to the gym for their first workout. Upon their arrival, they learned that Bob and Jillian would be working as a team as well, so they wasted no time in beginning their first workout. As usual, everyone struggled with the exercises, and Bob and Jillian was right there to make sure they did everything that was required of them. Shay said she knew she’d be “screamed at and yelled at” when she came to the ranch, but she also admitted that it’s something she doesn’t handle well, which proved to be true when Shay walked out of the gym.

“I quit,” Shay announced on her way out the doors.

Shay sat outside on the steps sobbing. Bob wanted to talk to Shay, but Jillian suggested he give her 30 minutes of alone time. Though a bit hesitant, Bob followed Jillian’s advice, and a few minutes later Shay went back inside the gym. However, before she resumed her workout, Jillian gave her a stern lecture on quitting.

Mo returned to The Biggest Loser ranch and learned that Tracey had also been taken to the hospital. He hoped she would be okay and able to return soon.

Check-up time

After an intense workout, it was time to visit Dr. H. The doctor was curious as to why Sean wrote no medical problems on his form. Sean didn’t really have an answer, and that’s when Dr. H broke the news that he had Type 2 Diabetes. In addition to Sean, Mo learned that even though he’s actually 56 he has the body of a 69-year-old, and 29-year-old Shay was shocked when she discovered she had the body of a 45-year-old. Shay expressed how her mom died at 48, so this bit of news frightened her; however, she planned to change that.

Last Chance Workout

During the Biggest Loser contestants’ Last Chance Workout, Bob and Jillian shouted encouraging words, contestants screamed through the pain, a few threw up and some cried, but they all did their very best and completed their first Last Chance Workout.

The first weigh-in

At the first weigh-in, the Biggest Loser contestants learned if all their hard work in the gym paid off. Because Tracey was still in the hospital and Mo was her partner, her safety in the game rested on Mo’s shoulders. A nervous Mo wondered if he could lose enough weight on his own to keep them both safe.

  • Shay and Daniel, who had immunity, weighed in first. Shay lost 17 pounds and Daniel lost 12 pounds. Combined total of weight lost: 29 pounds (3.68 percent).
  • Rebecca lost 18 pounds and Amanda lost 244 pounds. Combined total of weight lost: 24 pounds (4.54 percent).
  • Rudy lost 28 pounds and Dina lost 8 pounds. Combined total of weight lost: 36 pounds (5.18 percent).
  • Antoine lost 18 pounds and Sean lost 22 pounds. Combined total of weight lost: 40 pounds (4.93 percent).
  • Danny lost 24 pounds and Liz lost 10 pounds. Combined total of weight lost: 34 pounds (4.88 percent).
  • Abby lost 15 pounds and Allen lost 19 pounds. Combined total of weight lost: 34 pounds (5.94 percent).
  • Julio lost 13 pounds and Alexandra lost 13 pounds. Combined total of weight lost: 26 pounds (3.63 percent).
  • Mo lost 19 pounds (5.35 percent).

Because Julio and Alexandra had the lowest percentage of weight loss, they fell below the yellow line, and it was up to their fellow competitors to decide which one of them would be sent home.

Facing elimination

Both Julio and Alexandra told their fellow competitors why they wanted to stay on The Biggest Loser ranch. Even though both delivered a compelling speech, one had to go home, and the majority decided Alexandra would be the one to continue her journey at home.

Home update

Alexandra’s time on the ranch may have been short, but she went home and proved she could lose weight on her own. Since her fellow competitors voted her off “The Biggest Loser,” Alexandra has lost a total of 60 pounds, and her goal weight for the finale is 180 pounds.

Alexandra also confessed that she had a crush on someone at the Biggest Loser ranch, but instead of telling us who that special someone was, she decided to keep us in suspense for a while.

Who do you think Alexandra had a crush on? Sound off in the comments area below.

(By Misti Sandefur for CalorieLab News)

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