Rumor: Vanessa Marcil And Jillian Michaels An Item?

The current rumor blazin' on the blogosphere is that "Las Vegas" actress

Vanessa Marcil is dating "Biggest Loser" trainer

Jillian Michaels.

Vanessa Marcil and Jillian Michaels

The two are said to be "very close" and have reportedly been hooking up for some time now, so says

The pair did make a workout video back in 2007, and "Extra" talked to Michaels about it.

"The reason that Vanessa actually came to me years ago, was after she had her son, Cassuis [with then boyfriend Brian Austin Green], we began helping her get fit again after her baby."

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Rumor: Vanessa Marcil and Jillian Michaels an Item?
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