Ketogenic Diet: Low Carbohydrate Snack Recipes For Weight Loss

The sensible dieter told fans how he spoke to his doctor before making big changes to his lifestyle.

Initially weighing 340lbs or 24 stone, he now weighs a much lighter 15.7 stone. Even more impressively he has lost over half of his body fat. Originally he had 56 per cent body fat, now boasting a very slender 22 per cent.

The 19-year-old reveals he lost weight by “eating 1100-1400 calories per day.”

Discussing his method for weight loss in detail he told interested Reddit users: “So I started off by just eating healthier around January 2018. Cut out alcohol and focused on eating lean foods and veggies. I didn’t see much progress because I wasn’t strict or counting calories.”

He revealed her eats a ketogenic weight loss plan following a method devised by a company Ideal Protein.

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