Keto Diet Meal Plan: 4 Keto Recipes For Breakfast Lunch And Dinner

  • Halle Berry's long-time personal trainer has revealed what the actor consumes on a daily basis.
  • She follows the keto diet which helps her manage her diabetes.
  • Berry's diet focuses on fat, protein, vegetables, and fruits.
  • She also takes supplements to help fuel her workouts and maintain muscle.

Halle Berry doesn't seem to age.

The actor is, incomprehensibly, 52 years old, but not only does she look at least 20 years younger, she appears to be fitter and healthier than most people half her age, too.

Of course, diet and nutrition are key to maintaining optimum health and fuelling an active lifestyle.

Berry has been very open about following the ketogenic (or keto) diet, and now her personal trainer has revealed exactly what that looks like for her.

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Peter Lee Thomas, Berry's long-time trainer, told Hollywood Life exactly what the actor consumes on a daily basis.

Copying someone else's exact daily diet isn't recommended, as each of our bodies and lifestyles require different fuel.

However, we can probably all take some inspiration from Berry's day on a plate.

Here's what she eats and drinks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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