Follica Gets New CEO, Gears Up For More (Hair And Business) Growth

People…I trully don’t care who believes my posts etc…All those individuals who decide to take propecia and get HT’s after they were warned as well as with any other issue can not and should not blame anyone but themselves. I as well as others have shown evidence and pointed others to the correct links to information and shared many stories. However, some choose to accept they are the only knowledgeable practioners on this site. Please understand that doctors don’t care about you as they do the money. Hence your hospital stay is shorter today than in the 70’s.

I welcome crticism if it is backed by science and true knowledge. However, my personal experience has shown that most just are lonely and not that intelligent to see that people are trying to offer true and informed knowledge based on experience and exhausted research.

The internet is providing each of you a medium to understand and gather data in hopes to challenge and report all data presented. For the most part hairloss research is a failure and a viable cure far fetched. But we move on and hope for a better outcome. This is all we have is hope becaue our voices are nothing if the company will not make money. This is all about money and nothing more. Never anything more than making a dollar.

Please understand that if scientist can lie and make money from subpar products, THEY WILL! regardless of your cries or worries. People in this world don’t give a damn about you and most are glad you are losing your hair because your a in a position of vulnerability and sorrow and people like being BETTER THAN YOU! Period!!!

How many of you would love to see your friends win the lottery. NONE!!!!! You want to win to better!!!!

I say this because I want each and everyone of you to understand that nobody cares and everyone wants to be better than you. Your hairloss is there pride and you all know it! Scientist and business have on thing in mind. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! and never the consumer unless they will make MONEY!!!!

You want a cure for hairloss….STOP BUYING HT’s SNAKE OILS, PROPECIA etc….. and make them earn that MONEY buy creating and real cure.

Again, if you want to take propecia and get HT’s go ahead. You have all been warned and you can never state your never knew. My guess for a real hairloss treatment is on the horizon but the path is so VULNERABLE that the slightest setback will kill all hopes and progress. We see it today with companies that have a great start and fail after one setback.

LIVE< LIVE< LIVE< and stop worrying abiut what is coming next. It will or won’t for three reasons MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! your cries are worthless believe me, so stop buying inferior products and treatments and make them create a real solution based thier need to make money.

Again, your friends and everyone around are glad you are bald and broke etc…. because it makes them feel superior. So start being realistic and start looking after number one (you) and find how silly you are worrying about hairloss and the many opportunities lost praying for a cure with scientist who don’t care unless they can make money.

Pessimissm is a defense mechanism in hopes to be wrong. Nobody wants any company to fail but few of us actually share real knowledge in hopes to prevent chemical side effects. Please don’t take propecia and if you want to believe doctors…Then whay are they one of the most leading causes of death and why is tobacco still legal etc,,,? They want you to die and suffer to prevent overcrowding and fuel money to doctors, lobbyist etc… Stop worrying and care about yourself.

You want a cure…realistically never if the money is not shown to benefit the company. Plus will government allow thosuands of snake oil companies and millions of job to be lost due to cure. Hell NO!!!!!!! so a cure is probably never…a new solution that requires multiple treatments and continued influx of money…YES!!!

As for Intercytex… the government is offering more money to sure soldiers and pursue other research and they will…why….money.

So again…this forum offers hope and maybe a wake up call to your own needs and expectations. However…you need to be realistic and see that money..not your voice or cares will fuel research or a cure. Don’t we still rely on joggers and marathon runners to cure breast cancer? Hairloss is far less concering so LIVE and stop arguing. Present facts and researched data and allow those member who choose to disregard your comments to suffer there fate.

Yes Propecia does not affect everyone the same as does no other chemical or drug..buyer beware and take note of the warnings presented and the facts most MONEY invested into drugs is not research but Marketing. Why…greater chance to make money only!!! They don’t care about your health..trully don’t care. I know Pharmacist that will take prescription drugs..!!!!! Listen and learn for I write and now you have all been told and blame yourself for any side effect and shortcoming in any procedure.

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Follica Gets New CEO, Gears Up for More (Hair and Business) Growth
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