Fluoroquinolone Trouble Untangled

Thank you for doing another article about fluoroquinolones, or FQs. It is sorely needed as this is a global catastrophe of almost unimaginable scope and scale. There are HUGE numbers of victims of fluoroquinolone toxicity but 99.9% of them have no idea what went so horribly wrong in their bodies. Most of them believe their useless incompetent doctors who routinely misdiagnose them with fibro, lupus, ALS, Parkinson’s, MS and hundreds of other WRONG conditions including that it’s all in our head, and even then there is of course at least one medicine prescribed. Who thinks of an antibiotic they took several seasons ago when a tendon ruptures or they need a cartilage transplant or a muscle tears or they get a hernia or collapsed lung or bulging discs out of nowhere or their hair falls out, their teeth crumble away, their nails fall off, their ears ring and hiss and crunch with distortion and they get a variety of visual disturbances and disgusting rashes and loss of bladder control and fluctuating blood pressure and racing heart and palpitations and seizures and blood clots and bloated failing veins that need to be carved out and broken blood vessels and huge hideous bruises for no reason and anxiety attacks and confusion and depersonalization and food and chemical sensitivities and photosensitivity and they lose weight rapidly and they get chronic diarrhea and wounds won’t heal and bones snap and joints hurt and neuropathy sets in and a hundred other problems all join these ones in happening all at once or in rapid succession? This all happened to me within months of taking Levaquin. I was an extreme athlete and hardworking chef just prior.

This article ends with the statement “We should be better; we should do better.” This is the understatement of the century. If you are in any way involved in the development or distribution of drugs you couldn’t possibly be doing any worse. The executives of Bayer and J$J are criminals of the highest order who deserve to die behind bars, preferably at a date and time set by the court. All the scientists who helped them design the toxic and often addictive chemicals they are peddling should be jailed for the rest of their lives for crimes against humanity. These giant soulless transnational corporations answer to no one and get away with murder, all day, every day. They intentionally addict as many people as possible and worse yet, they intentionally mass market drugs like FQs to intentionally sicken and maim as many people as possible so that they spend the next 20 or so years buying all sorts of drugs, implants, surgical supplies, ointments, walkers and so on. Then we die prematurely.

When I spoke about this in front of panels of prestigious doctors of FDA and CDC about FQs, I pointed out that victims of FQ associated disability (FQAD) self-report our ADRs many times more often than the average. This is also supported by the way that virtually everyone who joins one of our many exploding support groups reports having been misdiagnosed, mocked and belittled for even suggesting that their sacred super-safe wonder-drugs could possibly have harmed them. It is very very difficult to convince a doctor that he or she has destroyed your life even if you have every single health issue in the long list of things to watch out for. I am the poster-boy for FQAD, with pretty much every single symptom, spoken to FDA and CDC antimicrobial panels about it, been on TV and in the paper many times, but I still can’t convince any of the ass-clowns who have control over whether I get a disability check or not that FQ toxicity is a thing. Allopathic doctors are absurdly and insanely overconfident in the safety of their wares, but the disparity between perception and reality is greater with FQs that perhaps any other class of drugs on the market. According to one study I read, they are prescribed appropriately about 1/88 of the time, with the other 87 times either not needing an antibiotic at all or where a safer one was recommended. In the few cases where FQs were warranted the doctors almost always prescribed too much for too long and they also prescribed them with other drugs that are contraindicated, thus causing additional harm to their patients. My idiot doctors did all 3, but at least I actually needed them. I had a hospital acquired infection that was going systemic. I just wish they had done something less severe than give me Levaquin, like amputate my leg. Yes, doctors should consider amputation before FQs and anyone who doesn’t get that is part of why doctors are the leading cause of death and misery in America and all over the globe.

Source : https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2018/05/23/fluoroquinolone-trouble-untangled

Fluoroquinolone Trouble Untangled
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