Costco Has A 3 Pound 'Colossal Cookie' And It Looks Like The Best Cookie Cake EVER

Costco, the go-to for all things big and in-bulk, has recently offered some noteworthy huuuge products. Some of those very important things? A four-pound pumpkin pie and a four-foot-tall wine glass. Now, Instagram user @costcobuys spotted another ridiculously large product...and your obnoxious sweet tooth has officially met its match.

The (appropriately named) Colossal Cookie comes with two cookies and weighs nearly three pounds. The massive treat is reportedly only $8 and located in Costco's freezer section.

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Omg!! Make sure to check your Costco's freezer section for these Original Desserts Colossal Cookie! This comes in the chocolate chunk flavor...these would be a perfect everyday treat or a Thanksgiving dessert! ($7.99)

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According to the box, the dessert is a "large, soft and chewy cookie featuring decadent chocolate chunks," and is made with real butter, eggs, and chocolate. This giant cookie would be perfect for any wine-filled night, or to keep on hand for a rainy day. Just heat it up and it's ready to eat in ten minutes.

Instagram users were thrilled about the cookie. Many people commented about how excited they are to try the dessert, while several others described it as "dangerous" because it looks so good. Others mentioned bringing the giant cookie to Thanksgiving (an idea I may just have to steal). One user wrote, "I've had it (they had samples at my store last week) and it's EVERYTHING!"

According to a Costco representative, the Colossal Cookie is currently only available in some regions, so fingers crossed that it's on sale at your local warehouse! If not, you're in luck—we have an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G recipe for a giant chocolate chip cookie. Not as easy as buying it at Costco, but you would still have bragging rights!

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