CES Is Now One Of The World's Biggest Auto Shows As Ford To Uber Debut New Technology

While nearly a dozen automakers are displaying their wares and concepts at CES this year, scores of suppliers — both established and start-ups — are fleshing out the show's automotive section.

They are more than a sideshow. Many will play a critical role in tomorrow's industry, especially when it comes to making autonomous and electric and hybrid vehicles possible. The list includes Metawave, a small start-up developing advanced radar technology, and Blackmore, which is focused on LIDAR, a high-definition laser system. Both technologies are becoming essential because they allow driverless vehicles to keep track of what's going on around it.

The words "artificial intelligence" seem to pop up in virtually every CES news conference, whether the product is a connected kitchen appliance, a digital camera or an autonomous vehicle. While AI has many advantages, "it isn't very good at predicting what humans will do," said Gill Pratt, head of the Toyota Research Institute.

But another start-up, Perceptive Automata, came to CES to show off its own technology that it claims can look at body language, motion and gestures to, among other things, predict whether a pedestrian will suddenly decide to cross the street into oncoming traffic.

The company has received funding from Honda and Toyota, and the latter automaker could use it for the Guardian technology it announced at CES. Conceived as a "seamless blend of man and machine," it isn't an autonomous driving system, but it uses the same sensors to detect whether a driver might make a potentially fatal mistake. It would then step in and, among other things, steer, brake or even accelerate its way out of trouble.

In an extremely unusual move, Toyota announced it will offer Guardian to its competitors once the system is ready for production in a couple years. "We want it on every car on the road, not just Toyotas," said Pratt, a former executive with DARPA, the Defense Department research institute that pioneered development of autonomous vehicles.

Source : https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/10/ces-becomes-one-of-the-biggest-auto-shows-as-ford-to-uber-debut-new-tech.html

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