At Least 10 Gang Members Still At Large, Says Ex Gangster

AN ex-member of the Uchence Wilson Gang testified yesterday that there are at least 10 members of the criminal organisation still at large.

While being cross-examined by Attorney Donna McIntosh Bryce Gayle yesterday, the 21-year-old ex-security guard — who is testifying before the Home Circuit Court via video link and is being referred to as Witness One by this newspaper as ordered by the court — also disclosed that the gang had about 38 members.

During further cross-examination from the attorney, who is representing accused Kenneth Winter, the former gangster revealed that he had dropped out of school in the ninth grade, at age 17, and that he started engaging in criminal activities while in grade five.

However, when asked by Bryce Gayle when he had stopped partaking in criminal activities, he said he could not remember.

The witness, who has detailed a series of robberies that the gang was allegedly involved in and how they operated, was yesterday accused of testifying against the defendants out of revenge.

Attorney Tamika Harris, who is representing Devin (Derron) Taylor, yesterday dismissed as untrue the witness's motive for testifying against her client, which he claimed was as a result of his conscience.

According to the attorney, the witness was upset at her client for not coming to his rescue when he was being beaten by members of the gang, and for recording the beating and sending it to his aunt, Judith Johnson — another accused — who is Taylor's girlfriend.

But the witness denied that revenge was his motive.

However, he said: “Yes, I am angry with him for not stopping the beating, as my friend.”

The witness, who was also adamant that he was not lying when he said his conscience moved him to report the alleged gangsters, admitted to the court that he had robbed his aunt's home in Kingston, as well as a dance company, by himself.

“So you did not have any conscience when you went on those robberies?” the lawyer asked.

“You came here for revenge on Mr Taylor and not because you have a conscience,” she added.

“No, miss,” Witness One answered.

Attorney Richard Lynch, who is representing Michael Lamont, also made a similar claim against the witness.

Lynch suggested to the witness that the reason he has called the name of his client as being involved in the gang is because he was upset at him for beating him, and as result, used it as an opportunity to get back at him.

“I don't agree. I would not take it as an opportunity, he was already involved,” Witness One said.

During cross-examination, all three lawyers also suggested that he was lying about their clients being members of the gang or that he was involved in any illegal activities that were done by the gang, but the witness maintained that he was being honest.

Twenty-four members of the gang, including the reputed leader Uchence Wilson, alleged deputy Fitzroy Scott, four females and a police corporal, Lloyd Knight, are currently on trial in the Home Circuit Court for various offences under the Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organisations) Act, commonly referred to as the Anti-Gang Legislation, and also for offences under the Firearms Act.

The gang is alleged to have wreaked havoc in St Catherine, Clarendon, St Andrew, St Mary, and St Ann, by carrying out several acts of robbery, shop-breaking, burglary, and larceny in which items such as motor vehicles, firearms, appliances, cellular phones, and other valuables were stolen.

Wilson and another alleged member, Lamont, are also accused of rape.

Witness One will continue to face cross-examination today.

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