Are The Benefits Of Dry January Worth Giving Up Booze?

Some people taking part in Dry January might already be experiencing clearer, less dry skin, according to Dr Piper.

Drinking booze typically leads to dehydrated skin, and heavy drinking has been linked to skin disorders like rosacea, which can lead to facial swelling, puffiness and weight gain.

Dr Luke James, medical director for Health Clinics at Bupa UK, said drinking a lot is also thought to stop your skin getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs. “If you stop drinking and keep yourself hydrated, your skin will likely thank you for it,” he said. 

5. A Better Workout

Alcohol has a negative effect on your performance in sport, so if you’re hitting the gym and going out drinking, they’re probably counteracting one another.

“This is because alcohol dehydrates you and reduces how much blood sugar your liver produces (which is important for exercise),” explained Dr James. “So it follows that an alcohol-free body will allow your body to perform at its best when exercising and you’ll get the most from your workout.”

He added that giving up alcohol, even for a short amount of time, may allow your body to recover more quickly. 

6. Liver Recovery

Amazingly, in as little as two weeks, your liver will start to repair itself and get rid of the excess fat caused by regularly drinking too much, according to Dr James.

It’s really important to give your liver a break as the fat build-up can lead to more serious health problems in the future. For more on how giving up alcohol benefits your organs, click here.

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7. Weight Loss

Alcohol can be pretty calorific – the more you drink, the bigger the impact on your waistline. “Embracing an alcohol-free existence may be all you need to do to shed unwanted pounds,” explained Dr James. “The most obvious reason for this is the high amount of sugar in alcoholic drinks.

“For example, in terms of calories, a large glass of wine is the same as eating an ice cream. A pint of cider has the same amount of calories as a doughnut. And, as many people tend to drink a few pints per sitting, the calories soon tally up.”

Additionally, if you’re not spending January drunk, you’ll be more likely to make better food choices and less likely to head to the kebab shop at 3am on a Saturday morning. It all adds up.

8. Better Relationship With Booze

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of Dry January comes from resetting your relationship with alcohol, said Alcohol Concern’s Dr Piper. “Dry January is your bootcamp to learn the skills you need to be able to say no when you don’t fancy a drink, so you can make healthier, happier choices all year round,” he said. 

We’ll drink (a hot tea) to that.

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