A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Squats

And make no mistake--you need leadership at every level, not just the top. Leaders aren't always the ones in charge, but they're every bit as important, and maybe even more so. They are the ones who take action in the moment instead of waiting for someone else to. The ones who won't let adversity keep them from doing their job. The ones who know it's a team effort, and wouldn't dream of forgetting it. 

Source : https://www.inc.com/tom-popomaronis/with-a-subtle-gesture-a-19-year-old-ncaa-athlete-taught-a-major-leadership-lesson-without-saying-a-word.html?cid=hmside1

With a Subtle Gesture, a 19-Year-Old NCAA Athlete Taught a Major Leadership Lesson--Without Saying a Word
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