9 Keto Soup Recipes For Clean Eating

As we get closer to winter, we find ourselves looking for any way to stay warm and toasty. You might not have the option of sitting in front of a fireplace at work (we’re down to trade lives if you do), but you can definitely manage the next best thing: a piping hot bowl of soup at lunch or dinner. That goes for keto followers, too. If you’re a keto lover, these high-fat, low-carb soup recipes—from broccoli and cheese to creamy cauliflower—will warm your belly.

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Broccoli and cheese soup a bowl of soup © Provided by TIME Inc.

Inspired by Panera Bread’s famous broccoli cheddar soup, this dish by Savory Tooth is the creamy comfort food to get you through the cold months. Feeling lazy? Make it a no-chop recipe by using a container of mirepoix and pre-cut broccoli florets.

Hamburger soup a bowl of food © Provided by TIME Inc.

This recipe by Healthful Pursuit treats your palate to the taste of a summer cookout when the weather is keeping you cooped up inside.

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Souper douper: Soup appears in most cuisines and for good reason – it's full of goodness, inexpensive, versatile and filling. Soups can be chunky or smooth, crystal clear or dark and rich, but they're always comforting. And what soup is most soothing of all? Chicken soup. We've picked some of our favorite chicken soup recipes from around the world – perfect for gray days or just when you need a nourishing pick-me-up.>

Creamy cauliflower soup a bowl of soup

Can’t decide whether you like your soup chunky or smooth? Neither can My Food Story, which is why this recipe strikes the perfect balance of both. It has a creamy base, but you’ll still find some small chowder-like chunks to bite into.

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Pumpkin soup a bowl of food on a plate © Provided by TIME Inc.

This recipe by Ruled.me takes all of your favorite fall flavors to create one mouthwatering bowl of deliciousness. Tasty pumpkin combined with notes of nutmeg and cinnamon makes for a to-die-for dish.

Vegetable soup a bowl of food

This recipe by Brooke Lark is very fittingly named I Heart Veggies Soup. The flavorful combo of cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, and spinach adds up to a hearty but healthy meal.

Chicken soup a bowl of soup © Provided by TIME Inc.

This isn’t chicken soup like mom used to make—it's even better. (Shh, don't tell.) Created by Low Carb Maven, a steamy bowl will ease you through a sick day or keep you from shivering when your office lunchroom is freezing.

Suggested: 28 delicious soups from around the world

  • Slide 1 of 29: Chlodnik
  • Slide 2 of 29: Spanish Gazpacho
  • Slide 3 of 29: German beef marrow dumpling soup (Markklösschensuppe)
  • Slide 4 of 29: Japanese New Year’s Soup (Ozoni)
  • Slide 5 of 29: Chlodnik
  • Slide 6 of 29: Eastern European borscht
  • Slide 7 of 29: Hungarian Paprika-Spiced Cauliflower and Dumpling Soup (Karfiolleves)
  • Slide 8 of 29: Scottish Smoked Haddock Soup (Finnan Haddie Chowder)
  • Slide 9 of 29: Castilian Garlic and Bread Soup (Sopa de Ajo)
  • Slide 10 of 29: French Lobster Bisque
  • Slide 11 of 29: Italian Beef Broth with Tortellini and Parmesan (Brodo)
  • Slide 12 of 29: Ecuadorean Fanesca
  • Slide 13 of 29: Tuscan Bean Soup
  • Slide 14 of 29: Thai Boat Noodle Soup (Kuaytiaw Reua)
  • Slide 15 of 29: American Clam Chowder
  • Slide 16 of 29: French Bouillabaisse
  • Slide 17 of 29: Greek Egg-Lemon Soup (Avgolemono)
  • Slide 18 of 29: Vietnamese Tamarind Fish Soup (Canh Chua Cá)
  • Slide 19 of 29: Polish White Borscht (Bialy Barszcz)
  • Slide 20 of 29: Mexican meatball soup (Albondigas)
  • Slide 21 of 29: Portuguese Caldo Verde
  • Slide 22 of 29: Columbian Ajiaco
  • Slide 23 of 29: American Gumbo
  • Slide 24 of 29: Dutch Erwtensoep
  • Slide 25 of 29: Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup
  • Slide 26 of 29: Mexican Oxtail and Guajillo Chile Soup (Caldo de Res)
  • Slide 27 of 29: Hungarian Lamb Soup With Sour Cream (Palócleves)
  • Slide 28 of 29: Korean Samgyetang
  • Slide 29 of 29: Japanese Sesame and Chile Ramen (Tantanmen)
>Full Screen 1/29 SLIDES © sarymsakov/Getty Images
Soups are a worldwide favorite, and the styles of preparing it are so varied. Here is a selection of some of the most-loved soup recipes from around the globe. Pick up your apron and treat yourself!
2/29 SLIDES © malyugin/Getty Images

Spain: Gazpacho

This Spanish soup is a cold concoction of tomatoes, garlic, cucumber and red bell peppers. It’s seasoned with vinegar, salt and olive oil.

3/29 SLIDES © Zoonar RF/Getty Images

Germany: Markklösschensuppe

Beef bone marrow dumplings in the soup, with parsley and nutmeg, makes this dish a delicious traditional favorite.

4/29 SLIDES © Seiko Hayase/Getty Images

Japan: Ozoni

Traditionally, this special soup — made with rice cakes — is eaten on New Year’s Day. However, the soup is made in different ways in different parts of the country.

5/29 SLIDES © sarymsakov/Getty Images

Poland: Chlodnik

This polish dish is the rich combination of sour milk, radish, beet root, cucumber, dill and chives. Many times, hard-boiled eggs, crab meat and potatoes are added to the irresistibly-pink cold soup.

6/29 SLIDES © HausOnThePrairie/Getty Images

Russia: Borscht

Hot or cold, borscht is a beet-based soup that tastes best when enriched with sour cream and wisps of dill. Beef can be added for those who prefer some meat in their meal.

7/29 SLIDES © Maria_Lapina/Getty Images

Hungary: Karfiolleves

Tiny dumplings, called galuska, are made with bits of dough, and they are added to simmering broth to get this paprika-spiced cauliflower and dumpling soup.

8/29 SLIDES © MychkoAlezander/Getty Images

Scotland: Finnan Haddie Chowder

Traditionally made with cold-smoked haddock, clams and sherry, this soup originated in Findon centuries ago.

9/29 SLIDES © Sarah Bossert/Getty Images

Spain: Sopa de Ajo

A dash of white wine added to chicken stock, eggs and bread results in this aromatic Castilian soup. Add olive oil, parsley and garlic for lip-smacking seasoning.

10/29 SLIDES © evgenyb/Getty Images

France: Lobster Bisque

This cream-based soup with its silky texture calls for a full-bodied champagne as an ideal accompaniment. It’s cooked with several ingredients, including lobster, shallots, carrots, celery, fish stock, egg yolks and cream.

11/29 SLIDES © Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Italy: Brodo

Beef broth with tortellini is a common first course in Italian meals. Add carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes and corn to chicken and beef for this soup and it will serve as a good dish in the warm summer as well as the cold winter.

12/29 SLIDES © Bartus Hendrikse/Getty Images

Ecuador: Fanesca

Fanesca is a festive dish, typically made the week before Easter. It’s made from 12 kinds of grains signifying the 12 disciples of Jesus. Other ingredients include pumpkin, figleaf gourd and salt cod.

13/29 SLIDES © eZeePics Studio/Getty Images

Italy: Bean soup

For this creamy and rich-in-flavor soup, cook the beans in the flavoring ingredients first, and then proceed to making the soup. Cannellini beans, borlotti beans, or a combination of different kinds can be used for this soup.

14/29 SLIDES © Vichai/Getty Images

Thailand: Kuaytiaw Reua

This well-loved tasty Thai noodle soup is sold by street vendors around the country, cooked in different styles in different sauces. Noodles, chicken, coriander roots and lean pork steak are some of the main ingredients.

15/29 SLIDES © 4kodiak/Getty Images

US: Clam Chowder

This dish made with clams, potatoes, onions and bacon comes from New England. When prepared correctly, it is a creamy, rich and filling soup. When the chunks of potatoes are soft in texture, they will melt in the mouth.

16/29 SLIDES © imagenavi/Getty Images

France: Bouillabaisse

The traditional bouillabaisse from Marseille is generally a fish stock made from different kinds of fish, with garlic, basil, orange peel and saffron added for extra flavor.

17/29 SLIDES © AnnaIleysh/Getty Images

Greece: Avgolemono

The main ingredients of this traditional Greek soup are chicken, lemon, eggs and rice. It can be served with bread, or bread bits dipped in the soup. A plus point for this recipe is that it can be frozen and stored for a number of days.

18/29 SLIDES © Wally Skalij/LA Times via Getty Images

Vietnam: Canh Chua Cá

The sour fish soup is often cooked with catfish steaks and caramel sauce, made tastier with a dash of pineapple and tamarind. Rice is an ideal accompaniment to make a full meal.

19/29 SLIDES © CCat82/Getty Images

Poland: Bialy Barszcz

This classic dish is generally eaten on Easter morning, and it’s made with ingredients taken from the basket of food that families take to Church on Saturday to get blessed. Items vary greatly across regions, but the two basic elements are sausage-water base and some type of sour to flavor the soup.

20/29 SLIDES © Mexican meatball soup (Albondigas)

Mexico: Albondigas

This traditional Mexican savory dish consists of carefully-made meatballs, a lot of vegetables and rice. For an ideal winter meal, serve some albondiga soup with corn tortillas and salsa casera.

21/29 SLIDES © Westend61/Getty Images

Portugal: Caldo Verde

The province of Minho in northern Portugal gifted the world this dish, which is made from mashed potatoes, savoy cabbage, kale, slices of chorizo, minced collard greens and onions.

22/29 SLIDES © Juanmonino/Getty Images`

Columbia: Ajiaco

Although there are different versions of this Columbian dish, the soup usually include chicken, two kinds of potatoes, corn and a herb called guascas, which gives the soup a delicious flavor.

23/29 SLIDES © Lauri Patterson/Getty Images

US: Gumbo

The primary recipe for this soup, which originated in southern Louisiana centuries ago, includes meat or shellfish, a thickener, celery, onions and bell peppers.

24/29 SLIDES © MychkoAlezander/Getty Images

Netherlands: Erwtensoep

This traditional pea soup, which is commonly served with sliced sausages or pumpernickel bread, is a winter favorite. To know if you have made it well, check it when it’s cold: it should be thick enough to slice through.

25/29 SLIDES © Gusto Images/Getty Images

Jamaica: Pepper Pot Soup

The main ingredient of this soup is callaloo, a spinach-like green usually found canned or fresh in stores. Sprinkle some fresh minced Scotch bonnet chilies on the top to up the heat quotient.

26/29 SLIDES © Charles Islander/Getty Images

Mexico: Caldo de Res

Smoky guajillo chilies are added to beef to make this nourishing bowl of stew. Although various cuts of beef can be used, oxtails are a popular favorite. Mexicans serve it with rice to make a full meal.

27/29 SLIDES © Mizina/Getty Images

Hungary: Palócleves

Sour cream is an essential part of this dish, which is usually made from lamb, mutton, pork or beef. The cream can, however, be served on the side in a separate bowl too. Vinegar or lemon can be used to enhance the sour taste.

28/29 SLIDES © Korean Samgyetang

Korea: Samgyetang

This Korean dish features chicken stuffed with rice, garlic, ginseng and jujube. Before preparing this dish, make sure you are hungry enough to finish a whole chicken by yourself!

29/29 SLIDES © Takao Onozato/Aflo/Getty Images

Japan: Tantanmen

This traditional preparation brings extra flavor into your noodles. With soy sauce, sesame, chilli oil and minced pork, this Japanese soup is spicy yet delicious.

29/29 SLIDES

Tomato soup a bowl of food on a table

Nothing tastes like childhood quite like good old tomato soup. This recipe by I Breathe I’m Hungry adds pesto, giving the traditional dish a delicious twist.

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Mushroom soup a bowl of soup

Ready in just 30 minutes, this dish by A Spicy Perspective has a rich and silky mushroom base, plus hearty chunks of chicken and more mushrooms. If you’re craving that umami essence you get from fungi, this is the recipe for you.

Taco soup a bowl of food on a plate

Tortillas aren’t a keto lover’s best friend, which is why Wholesome Yum created this recipe—which lets you enjoy the spicy flavors of our southern neighbor without packing on the carbs. With only five ingredients, soup really doesn’t get any easier.

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