6 Weight Loss Tips From People Who Have Dropped Between 20 And 250 Pounds

Katie Dunlop, creator of the workout and health community Love Sweat Fitness, lost the 45 pounds she gained in college by ditching fad diets and trendy workout plans. She follows three simple rules: have a clear "why," dream big, and plan small.

"For years the only 'why' I had was to be skinny so I'll fit in better and boys will like me," Dunlop told INSIDER. "It's sad but true, and I don't think I was alone in that very superficial reasoning."

When she finally hit her breaking point, she was 45 pounds heavier than she wanted to be, dealing with depression, and facing the lowest point in her life. That flipped the switch and was the moment her "why" changed.

"For the first time in my life, I was able to recognize that it was about more than weight," she said. "I wanted to wake up every day feeling good from the inside out, and I recognized the only way to do that was to make healthy changes."

And when it comes to planning small, Dunlop said it's often easier to start by adding something into your routine than to take something out of it. "If your goal is weight loss, instead of starting with cutting out certain foods, try adding more veggies to your plate; you can slowly start to transition to less junk and more healthy foods."

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Source : https://www.thisisinsider.com/best-weight-loss-tips-from-people-who-have-lost-weight-2019-1

6 weight-loss tips from people who have dropped between 20 and 250 pounds
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6 weight-loss tips from people who have dropped between 20 and 250 pounds
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