40 Keto Friendly Desserts

US beverage brand Koia has launched a line of keto-friendly drinks as it aims to offer consumers following the ketogenic diet a convenient, sweet indulgence.

The dessert-inspired Koia Keto line is available in the US in three flavours: chocolate brownie, cake batter, and caramel crème. 

Koia said each drink is made with nutrient-dense ingredients, such as coconut milk and MCT oil, to provide sustained energy and help accelerate ketosis, the metabolic state which allows the body to be more efficient when burning fat for energy.

Chris Hunter, co-founder and CEO of Koia, said: “With consumers making healthy resolutions and incorporating new ways of eating into their new year’s routines, we wanted to create something simple, convenient and full of flavour.

“We saw this as an opportunity to bring the keto community a single-serve, plant-powered protein option, as well as a new way to enjoy a sweet option that complies with their diet.

“Whole Foods Market also recognises that the keto community is quickly growing and the need for easy access to product[s] that follow the trending dietary guidelines, which made Koia Keto a perfect fit.”

Koia Keto is now available exclusively at Whole Foods Market and the Koia website for $4.99.

Last year Koia launched Fruit Infusions, a range which aims to integrate fruit with the benefits of a superfood in each variety.

Source : https://www.foodbev.com/news/koia-releases-three-strong-range-of-keto-friendly-drinks-in-the-us/

Koia releases three-strong range of keto-friendly drinks in the US
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