30 Healthy Frozen Foods That Make Your Next Meal Way Easier

Some nights are just like that, and you need to pop a freezer meal in the microwave. (We get it, we’ve been there.) And that’s OK because there are some healthy options out there. But beyond keeping some entrées on hand (we’ve included some of our favorites below), here’s another healthy hack: Pack your freezer with frozen foods that will make prepping a tasty, nutritious meal quicker, easier, and stress-free. Here are 30 to help you get started.

One thing to note: When it comes to fresh versus frozen produce, the nutritional value is often comparable as long as the produce was frozen just after it was picked, which is usually denoted on the packaging.

Source : https://www.runnersworld.com/nutrition-weight-loss/g24274614/healthy-frozen-foods/

30 Healthy Frozen Foods That Make Your Next Meal Way Easier
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