30 Healthy Frozen Foods That Make Your Next Meal Way Easier

Good for: The person who’s always on a budget.

The details: Dinnerly bills itself as “the meal kit that’s always 50 percent off” and the sentiment isn’t wrong, because none of their recipes cost more than $5 a person. There are only six ingredients in each recipe and none of them take more than 30 minutes to make, which means they’re perfect for anyone who is truly a beginner in the kitchen. Recipes like beef and broccoli noodles, honey mustard drumsticks, and taco salad bowls are designed to satisfy kids and are perfect for picky eaters. You have to sign up for a membership, but you’re not tied to any weekly plan. Instead, Dinnerly prides itself on being super flexible, so you can totally skip a week whenever you feel like it.

Special diet options: While Dinnerly does offer a couple recipes that are designed for people with food allergies every week, they don’t have any specific plans for special diets.

Availability region: Dinnerly is available in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Georgia, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, D.C., and Florida.

Cost: $30 to $60 for meal kits, $9 for shipping.

Source : https://www.self.com/gallery/10-healthy-meal-delivery-services

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