10 Healthy Pizza Recipes For Your Next Movie Night

It's that time again!

Time to put up your feet and relax because it's the weekend? LOLZ no, you're a parent, and part of parenting is figure out what to feed your kids every day next week. And that means meal planning.

Well, easy enough, right? LOLZ NO, get out of here! No, seriously, get out, Susan. This is not the time to brag about how your brilliant children gobble down their organic, vegan, made-with-love-and-locally-sourced-herbs meals each night, then thank you in the third language they're currently learning just for fun.

For the rest of us, meal planning means negotiating picky eaters, a time crunch, and balancing your desire to feed your children healthy and creative meals with your need to serve dinner before witching hour.

We got you.

Below are six kid-friendly dinner recipes that parents will also enjoy eating, are fairly healthy, and are quick and easy to make.

Happy cooking!

Sunday: Slow-cooker Korean short ribs


These Korean short ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender. Throw them in the slow cooker early in the day, go about your Sunday business, then serve with rice for dinner.

Get the recipe: House of Nash Eats

Monday: Sheet-pan mac and cheese

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