“I Smelled Death On His Breath”: Singer Mya Says Dating Non Vegans Is A Struggle

Mya is no longer a meat eater, and it seems she prefers her men that way too. She has recently spoken of her struggles dating men who aren’t vegan like her.

She sat down with MadameNoire recently, and during an episode of Spin And Spill The Tea, she shared an experience that is sure to make you laugh.

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Mya said she was with someone she has known for about 10 years, but when he leaned in for a kiss, she hesitated. Why, you ask? Oh, no reason other than she “smelled death on his breath.”

Her exact words were, “Last year I had an experience with someone I’ve known for over 10 years,” said Mya. “He leaned in to kiss me and I smelled death on his breath. I was just like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’”

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Beyond the kiss of death story, Mya talked about some of the many things she has going on right now. She revealed that TKO, her ninth studio album will be released on April 20. She says it will have both traditional and soulful R&B tracks.

She is also going to be in a new series called 5th Ward on UMC. The show focuses on her character, a single mother of boys who “is left to figure out survival herself, with no assistance, no help, no balance in the household.” She goes on to say the character gets her faith and character tested as she does what she needs to do for her family.

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Oh, and for you girls who want to know how Mya gets those powerfully sexy thighs? She says that is all thanks exercises such as simple squats and lunges using resistance bands.

Source : https://thegrio.com/2018/03/25/i-smelled-death-on-his-breath-singer-mya-says-dating-non-vegans-is-a-struggle/

“I smelled death on his breath”: Singer Mya says dating non-vegans is a struggle
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