‘Progressive Prosecutor’: Can Kamala Harris Square The Circle?

Ms. Harris responded by accusing the judge of a conflict of interest because she was married to a defense attorney who had handled a case involving the lab. (A court rejected her motion.)

As attorney general, Ms. Harris defended prosecutors by appealing judges’ rulings — dropping one appeal, during her Senate campaign, only after a video of judges criticizing her office went viral.

In a case in Orange County, a public defender had discovered that the district attorney’s office was strategically placing jailhouse informants, offering them leniency if they could coax confessions from fellow inmates. A judge found that the district attorney’s office had lied to him about the use of informants and withheld potentially favorable evidence from defense lawyers.

When the judge disqualified the entire office from a death penalty case, Ms. Harris appealed, accusing the judge of abusing his discretion. While she opened an inquiry into the case at hand, she rejected repeated calls for a broad investigation of the prosecutor’s office.

In the recent interview, Ms. Harris said her decision reflected her experience when others had tried to disqualify her from the San Francisco death penalty case. It was up to voters, not the attorney general, she said, to remove elected prosecutors. “I knew misconduct had occurred, clearly it had,” she said. “And it was being handled at the local level.”

Frustrated by her refusal to investigate, Erwin Chemerinsky, then the law school dean at the University of California, Irvine, joined with a former attorney general to ask the Justice Department to examine what they believed was a pattern of civil rights violations in the prosecutor’s office. Their letter was signed by 25 prominent law professors, prosecutors and defense lawyers.

“Twice Kamala Harris called on my cell and said she was on top of it and looking into it,” he said. “To my knowledge, the California A.G. never did anything with regard to the scandal.”

Source : https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/11/us/kamala-harris-progressive-prosecutor.html

‘Progressive Prosecutor’: Can Kamala Harris Square the Circle?
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‘Progressive Prosecutor’: Can Kamala Harris Square The Circle?
Can Kamala Harris Square the Circle?